About site

First of all, let me thank you for visiting. You have come to my little web space where I will be sharing my humble knowledge with you. I will show you here everything I know through tutorials various difficulty.

To clarify any possible confusion, this site is solely dedicated to Rhinoceros®, NURBS modeling for Windows. You will get to know how to use this piece of software through various categories, like, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, Video Tutorials, and other.

Rhino is for me the best modeling tool one can find, not only that, but is also very cheap considering the sky-high prices from other similar products. It has the fastest time of learning, and with someone willing to show you the right way you can actually start producing high quality models. Rhino has great precision when modeling, by offering you some of life-saving tools, and if you ever worked on some kind of technical documentation, in Rhino, you will be at home!

About me

My name is Ivan, and I’ve been involved in 3D graphics for some time now, and I find it very interesting. I first started with 3ds Max, like many of us, and never actually learned how to model in it. I was just playing with primitives, boolean and extrude. It was almost 6 years ago when I first layed my hands on Rhino, and it was the love on first sight. Even now I still like the lightness of GUI in version 2. It was so fast, even my slowest computer worked with it well.

I am Authorized Rhino Trainer and available for custom on site or online training.

I am also involved in web design and development, so don’t blame me if I miss one week writing tutorials. Some of you even might remember me as smasher at our beloved 3DFutureBits.org portal. The portal is no more, there is my web portfolio now. So, some of the tutorials from that site are now hosted on various other tutorial sites, so if you search a little you will find my ancient Cowboy hat tutorial, as well as Modeling web camera. You can get all those links in Links sections, so no worries there.

If you have any suggestion, or just constructive critic, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to improve my tutorial skills, and provide you with even more quality content.

After all, I enjoy making these small tutorials, as I probably wouldn’t model any of these models. They just don’t fit to my portfolio, and I don’t have any other reason to model them.

And, most important, please do correct me if you think I am mistaken, or maybe some things could be modeled in a different, but better and faster way, as I am too learning every day about this great 3D tool.