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T-Splines WIP 2.0

Another update on the T-Splines W.I.P., this time it is the big 2.0 version, so check out what it brings.

Help model car rim video tutorial

This is a video tutorial to help you follow the text version more easily. Learn how to model a car rim.

Modeling car rim

Just another car rim tutorial, after which will follow tire thread tutorial and hopefully brake disc.

Selection Paradise video tutorial

selection_thumb.jpg When you have lots of objects in your scene/document, some selection skills are needed to make your life a bit easier.

Modeling cinch connector video tutorial

This is a video component of our Modeling cinch connector tutorial. Check this out

Modeling cinch connector

You will learn how to easily and fast a 3d model of cinch connector in Rhinoceros in this quick help.

VisualARQ WIP5

VisualARQ has a new work in progress version, bringing us some more features and fixes.

Rhino 4.0 SR3 Released

Rhino 4.0 SR3 Released
Rhino 4.0 got another service release, and this one is the third one. Nice list of improvements. Check it out.

New T-Splines version 1.2 RC3

Highlights of this release include a better user interface for tsExtrude and tsCrease, and other improvements.

Modeling slide rule video tutorial

Modeling slide rule

This is a video tutorial for modeling a slide rule. Please refer to text format of this tutorial to get more help with the following the tutorial.