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Contest: Design Home Appliance for Year 2050.

We would like to announce our first ever contest!!! It will last for three months starting February 1st and ending on May 1st. We’d like to give a BIG thanks to our sponsors McNeel, TSplines and 3Dconnexion for ensuring this contest has some neat prizes to fight for.

A Peek to What’s to Come

Ok, for the past week I’ve been working on couple of more tutorials. I don’t know yet when they will be published, but I hope to write them as soon as possible, like in a week or two. These three models are pretty easy to model, and yet they look cool. That is why I decided to go with a beginner look on them. I’ll try to explain every bit of modeling process, and hopefully all you beginners in Rhino will find them very valuable for learning such a great 3D tool with easy to follow and understand tutorials.

Two more tutorials coming soon

Ok, just to let you know that I’m not sleeping, huh. Actually there are two new tutorials coming in couple of days. First, Part 2 of Modeling a simple house is coming on Tuesday 3rd of November, and the second one is “Modeling a diving knife”. That one was actually inspired by a workshop that took place on Product Design Hub. That one was a true joy to model, at first it seemed like tricky shape, but after it was so easy to model that I immediately decided to make a tutorial out of it. I hope to publish it in a couple of days too, as soon as I finish it, hopefully it will be on my Birthday on 5th Nov. yay.  So check out the image below to see how it looks.

Update on new tutorials

Ok, like I promised, there is another tutorial waiting to be published. And another one is in the process of making. The first one is about modeling a light bulb. Pretty easy, but then again, all of them are pretty easy. The next one is modeling a remote controller. I have modeled and recorded making the shape and buttons on top. There are couple of tiny details left, but I am also considering expanding this tutorial to battery holder as well. I mean, I might model the inside of the battery holder and batteries itself. This one will also have its part 2, and that would be rendering the remote controller. I have already started making textures in Photoshop for the button text and graphics, as well as battery texture. The bulb tutorial is scheduled to be published on 13th so stay tuned. I’m not sure how long it will take to write remote controller tutorial, or how in depth I will go with it. For screenshots read more.

New tutorial comming up!

Ok, like I promised, I’m in process of writing new tutorial. This one will be about modeling a simple house in Rhino. Hopefully I will follow that tutorial with another with same subject and same project, but modeled with use of VisualARQ, just to see the difference between two methods, and if VisualARQ is that good.

I have also decided to add some new things, like 3dm files according to steps, and couple of more things. So, stay tuned, hopefully the tutorial will be available in a few hours, maybe a day.

Site Maintainance

You might experience some visual changes on site in the next couple of hours, I’m in process of uploading new web design. I’ve already put up online new wordpress version, and have two tutorials standing by. Stay tuned, we’re going live again 😉

ASGvis webinars free!

A variety of Webinars are offered by ASGvis, from tips and tricks on using V-Ray to tech support and sneak peeks at new product features!

Rhino3D v5 WIP

Finally, a public development has started, and McNeel released first WIP release. Check out whats new and try it out.

T-Splines 2.0 WIP 9

New version of T-Splines is available, including improoved commands, bug fixes and subdivide face command.

Penguin 2 SR1 RC 1 Available

Penguin 2.0 SR1 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download. Check out the changes.