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Contest theme

Design & model a home appliance for year 2050

Firt of all, let me welcome you all to Rhino3DHelp.com's first contest. This contest is solely dedicated to modeling in Rhinoceros 3D modeling software.

In this contest, you are encouraged to try and imagine how would a home appliance look and feel like in a year 2050. It doesn't have to be fully functionally thought through, but it definitely is a plus if you design into more detail.

Contest deadline

February 1st - May 22nd

Contest prizes and sponsors


1st prize

  1. McNeel's Rhinoceros v4.0 NFR (Not for resale)
  2. 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator

2nd prize

  1. T-Splines, Inc.'s T-Splines v2 for Rhino
  2. 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator

3rd prize

  1. 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator
General rules


  1. By submitting you agree that Rhino3DHelp.com and McNeel can use your submission, for promotional purposes.
  2. Any submission must have been created in 2010 and can not have been featured in any other CG competition or awards.
  3. By submitting to the Rhino3DHelp.com's contest, you warrant that you have obtained permission to submit the works for public display.
  4. Any attempt to circumvent any of the competition rules or voting systems will result in you and your company being disqualified and permanently banned from all future contests.
  5. Judging will be performed by judges selected by Rhino3DHelp.com. Judges will be responsible for selection and scoring of all submitted images. Criteria for judging can be found on the Judging page.
  6. Contestants should be registered on the forums, and need to create their WIP thread in the contest forum.
  7. Contestants should post at least 1 WIP shot during the challenge and should comment on others work.
  8. For final submission, contestants need to submit compressed (zip or rar) .3dm model for judging.
  9. Deadline will be after three months from now.
  10. All contestants must provide reliable contact information in their profile, if information provided does not allow us to contact you easily then placement and prizes will be adjusted accordingly to the next ranked entry.
  11. Usage of 3rd party plugins is allowed, as long as it is in Rhino and contestants must have aprox. 60% of the scene modeled in classic Rhino way.
  12. T-Splines plugin usage is allowed.
  13. Modeling in Rhino is obligatory, models needs to be 100% created inside Rhino, and all contestants must provide .3dm model to the jury.
  14. Working in teams is not permitted, one person per submission only.
  15. Every contestant can submit only one model to the contest.
Contest theme

Design & model a home appliance for year 2050

What classifies as appliance?

Appliances are separated in two general categories, "white goods" and "brown goods".

Brown goods
CD and DVD players
Still cameras
Video game consoles
HiFi and home cinema
answering machines
White goods
air conditioner
clothes dryer
drying cabinet
water heater
washing machine
trash compactor
microwave oven
induction cookers
What do we want?

We want YOU to have FUN!!! While "brown goods" are ok to submit, what we would like to see on this contest is something you handle and use extensively. For instance, TV is something we use every day, but it is not something we handle with. So, aim to create something with grips, something with mechanisms, something cool looking and easy to use, something practical. It doesn't have to be 100% valid and mechanically correct, it needs to be thought out. If you show how something works, that is great, it doesn't matter if that maybe wouldn't work in real life. The idea is what matters. Just try to keep your mind on ergonomics, aesthetics and need.

What about modeling?

What we will be looking here is LOD (level of detail), simplicity of surfaces and valid objects. As we all know, Rhinoceros is excelent because it can create complex surfaces, and keep them simple at the same time. This is something very important, and will influence a lot in final modeling score. It is great if you model all the openings, and camouflage it so we don't see inside, but if we model all the small screws, we guarantee you high score in modeling category. Of course, 3 months might be little to finish this kind of detailed ideas, but use your time smart ;). And what about valid objects? That can tell us how good at modeling and controling your objects are.


Rendering is the least important category here, but still can make a difference. Why not prettify your creating with great rendering. After all, that is what we want, fully finished designed, modeled and rendered idea.

If you ever went through any of the modeling tutorials on this site, you are pretty worry-free regarding modeling. As far as rendering, there are even couple of tutorials on this site for that too. Renderings doesn't have to be high quallity, but it is good to have your models rendered.

Judging criteria

The judging criteria is divided into three main categories. Each category is then divided into three smaller sections.

Design Modeling Rendering
ergonomics level of detail lighting
aesthetics simplicity of surfaces final render
need valid object materials quality

Each category will get points, 1 being worst, and 10 the best. Each sub category can score 10 points max, and the average will be calculated for each main category, after that, average from main categories.

If you try to keep these things in mind while creating, you should be good to go.

We thank our sponsors for making this contest possible!


McNeel with Rhinoceros ®, NURBS modeling for Windows.

T-Splines, Inc. with T-Splines v2 for Rhino

3Dconnexion with SpaceNavigator

Frequently asked questions


  1. Q: How can I participate?

    A: Just register on the forums, and start your own WIP thread where you will show your designing, modeling & rendering progress.

  2. Q: How the winners will be chose

    A: Hand picked jury will give points to each submission based on three categories which are separated into three more sub-categoris. Design (ergonomics, aesthetics, need), modeling (LOD, simplicity of surfaces, valid objects), rendering (lighting, materials quality, final render).

  3. Q: What is a home appliance?

    A: Appliances are divided into two categories, brown and white goods. A home appliance would mean something that you use in your household and is electric machine.

  4. Q: Why would I want to win a first prize if I already own Rhino?

    A: The more, the merrier. There is also the trial version of Rhino for the ones who don't own Rhino, and if you don't need Rhino, gift it.