Brazil for Rhino – Beta 19

Free Public Beta 19 of Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino is now available to download. Many bug fixes and these new features:

  • Bump support for Brazil decals.
  • Significant speed improvements rendering glass.
  • Material UI terminology simplified (Cs->Diffuse, Kr->Reflect Mult, Ka->Ambient Mult etc)
  • Added support for display update optimization during script execution.
  • Added highlight gain controls to Chrome and Glass materials.
  • Holding down SHIFT when dragging a tangent on a curve graph now snaps the tangent to 45 degree positions.

Source: Rhino3D Blog

One Response to “Brazil for Rhino – Beta 19”

  1. Anto says:


    I am a rhino user but I have never used Brazil. I just saw the ad saying that there is this beta version that we can download for free. What is exactly this version? What is the difference between this free one and the one you can buy? Does “free public” means that it’s possible to use it comercially? Is it stable enough?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who could reply to these questions!


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