Brazil r/s 2.0 Beta 12

A new beta version of this great renderer has been released. You can read more in this article.



Beta versions should be production ready but may not have all the features or a final user interface.

Rhino 4.0 users are encouraged to download and try this Beta release of the production quality renderer – Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino.

Brazil r/s 2.0 Beta 12 is now available from

Notes on new Brazil website: We have moved much of the Brazil documentation discussion and beta downloads to the website.  This is a new centralized place for everything to do with Brazil for Rhino and includes blogs from the development team, discussion forums with nntp support, galleries, tutorials and so on.  You will need to apply for a user name and password the first time you access the site.

New Features: This version features a new Advanced Global Environment shader and is based on the final RDK 4.0.0 release. The product is now feature complete. Documentation is currently in progress.

Rhino versions supported:  Brazil requires a Rhino 4.0 CD key on the download page.  Beta testing Brazil r/s is limited to Rhino 4.0 users, and Brazil on Rhino 3.0 is no longer supported.  Rhino 4.0 Service Release 3 or later is required to install Brazil and can be downloaded from

Notes:  This is the current Beta release of Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino.  The product is substantially complete and includes some documentation.  Beta Cycle: Beta releases of Brazil will appear approximately every 2 weeks. Please note that you do not need to download the RDK separately for Brazil – everything that is required is included in the installer.

Known Issues: Due to a problem in the first release of V-Ray for Rhino 4.0, there is a known incompatibility between V-Ray and this release of Brazil. If you are using VRay on Rhino 4.0, please make sure that you clarify the situation with ASGVIS before installing this beta version of Brazil. If you are unsure what to do and are using V-Ray for Rhino, please do not download and install Brazil Beta.  A version of V-Ray that fixes this problem should be released very soon.

The complete list of changes in this Beta release is below:

2008-04-18: Public Beta 12


    – Added a ‘Graph’ section to most textures. This displays a graph of the texture’s red, green, blue, alpha or luminosity
along one axis.
‘North’ dial added to sun dialogs. This allows the user to specify which way in world space is ‘north’.
Added a context menu to the color button. This allows the use of a color dropper to pick a color from the screen.
Document sun now uses Rhino’s earth anchor point settings for observer location and north direction.
Added “Force 2-sided” and “Flat Z-buffer” options to the system settings. Force 2-sided now defaults to off.
Added 3 new primitive flags – see Brazil Object Properties docker.
Lights now have an ‘Atmospheres & Effects’ section which links to the current Brazil Advanced Environment (if any).
Brazil Advanced Global Fog Environment implemented.
Date and time controls on sun dialog now increment correctly (e.g., incrementing hour can change day).
Content objects now harvest parameters from previous objects during a change operation.
    – Removed obsolete testing shaders (shadow catcher, simple bump, old blend etc).
Render window now displays tooltips on the toolbar.


Bug Fixes:

    – By Parent material assignment did not work correctly.
– Several crash bugs fixed in the BAM material.
Blend Material did not support transparency correctly.
Brazil occasionally crashed at startup in certain situations.
Copy/Paste/Import crash bug fixed.
Normal channels Y and Z did not display correctly when selected after rendering.
Custom output size as set in modal options dialog was not used for rendering.
Brazil texture shaders (like occlusion, reflect/refract) did not work as children of RDK procedural textures.
Material editor rename did not update the basic material definitions.
Large memory allocations at the end of rendering caused crashes.
Dot Texture used too much memory.
    – When returning from computer hibernation with a rendering on the screen, RDK crashed.
Brazil Occlusion Texture check boxes defaulted to ‘off’.
Material Editor combo box did not update correctly when deleting a child from a sub-node control.




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