Flamingo 2.0 RC 1

Flamingo 2.0 RC1 is released, so test it and report any bugs that may occur to improve this renderer!

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Flamingo 2.0 will operate exactly like this Release Candidate – including any bugs you experience – unless you report the bugs promptly.

New Features:

  • Installer: Most custom Flamingo 1.1 libraries are now migrated to Flamingo 2.0.

Bug Fixes:

  • Ambient Light: The ambient light setting did not work as expected. This is fixed.
  • Crashes: many bugs that caused crashes have been fixed.
  • Installer: 33 installer bugs have been fixed.
  • Light fixture library: A failure bug when creating a library has been fixed.
  • Light fixture properties: Dimming the light in Raytrace mode did not work properly. This is fixed.
  • Lights: Five failure bugs in the Light Properties dialog box have been fixed.
  • Post-Processng: The post processing changes are now saved in the file.

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