New T-Splines version 1.2 RC3

Highlights of this release include a better user interface for tsExtrude and tsCrease, and other improvements.

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Release Notes – Rhino Plugin: 1.2

Several command line prompts were modified for clarity.

Two commonly-used scripts from the jb Toolbars (Extrude Cage From Existing Curves and Flatten Control Points) were implemented and included in the T-Splines toolbar. Thanks, Jonah Barnett!

Activating licenses using tsActivateLicense is now more user friendly. A crasher associated with installing full licenses on top of beta licenses has been fixed, and the command line messages are more clear.

Infinite loop associated with the tsSkin chord length option has been fixed.

The Rhino MeshBox command, a common starting point for T-Splines geometry, is now included in the T-Splines toolbar.

T-Splines now loads the full T-Splines toolbar when the plugin is installed. Previously just the container was loaded, which was confusing for some new users. The container is still accessible in the toolbar options.

tsMerge crasher fixed.

New command tsConvertToPolysurf. This replaces Explode and DivideAlongCreases as the recommended way to convert to NURBS. It boasts two major improvements: first, it works on a single T-Splines surfaces (without T-Points or star points), and second, it strips away all T-Splines information from the surface, which fixes a number of reported bugs.

tsManip now uses the Rhino selection pop up box for selecting objects.

Error messages have been rewritten for clarity.

tsSplitCurves no longer goes into an infinite loop when tolerance = 0.

tsSkin: creasing option crash has been fixed.

tsControlPolygonToSrf infinite loop has been fixed.

T-Splines no longer claims the F3 key.

T-Splines used to not interact reliably with Rhino’s Flow command. This has now been fixed and there is no longer a problem.

tsControlPolygonToSrf and tsSkin used to not quit when another command was entered. This is now fixed.

tsExtrude user interface is much cleaner–now, selected faces for extrusion are shaded in a solid color, and can be deselected by CTRL+clicking on the face.

T-Splines licensing experienced some crashing on XP 64 bit machines which is now fixed.

tsSkin: ESC can now be used to cancel out of the command.

RC-2 info

IMPORTANT: You must upgrade to Rhino 4 SR 2 in order to run this version of the plugin. You can get SR 2 here:

Jonah’s tools have now been coded up a bit better and turned into real commands:


We chose the naming convention because they are more like very useful helps than core T-Splines tools. Hopefully this will help identify these types of commands easily in the future.

Both of these commands should be fully functional, stable, and scriptable. The tsScriptExtrudeControlPolygon still uses the ExtrudeCrv command, so settings changed in one command will be remembered in the other.

tsScriptFlattenPoints still needs a bit of polish, but it shouldn’t ever crash.

RC-3 info

This RC has the following fixes:

T-Spline surfaces now update in shaded mode when dragging control points.

tsManip now works properly with Osnap disabled.

tsConvertToPolysurf is renamed to tsConvertToRhinosurf. Also, now multiple surfaces can be converted at once.

Installer now remembers previous installation directory, and is updated to reflect version 1.2.


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RC-3 –

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