Rhino 4.0 SR3 Released

Rhino 4.0 SR3 Released
Rhino 4.0 got another service release, and this one is the third one. Nice list of improvements. Check it out.

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What’s New, SR3 (22-Feb-2008)

New Features:

  • Angle input added: Angle formats for rotate-related commands (Rotate, Rotate3D, ArrayPolar, RotateEdge, etc.) now can accept decimal degrees; degrees, minutes, seconds, gradians, and radians.
  • ToolbarLock: New command. Locks docked toolbars into place.

Enhanced Features:

  • Layout: PageLayout is now a built-in alias for the Layout command
  • Purge: Now deletes bitmaps saved as Wallpaper.
  • Sweep2: The rebuild curves option now allows the number of control points to be reduced to 2.

Bug Fixes:

  • 3DFace: now supports ortho from the previous point, and it is now possible to snap to all previous points with the Point osnap
  • Alt+Drag did not properly copy selected control points. This is fixed.
  • BlendCrv: Input curves were sometimes not properly deleted. This is fixed.
  • BlendCrv: When using Trim=Yes and Join=Yes, the input curves are left behind. Result is that you have the two curves joined with the blend and the original two curves left. This is fixed.
  • Booleans: Several failure bugs fixed.
  • Crash bugs fixed: Dozens of crashes have been fixed throughout Rhino: Display, Meshing, Pullback curves to surfaces, Toolbars, Object Sorting, File I/O, STEP, Cancelling of time-consuming tasks, Drag & Drop Files, NetworkSrf, Curve-Surface intersection, Worksessions, Hatch UI, ArrayOnSrf, Dialog Localization.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions inside blocks did not display correctly when the view was rotated. This is fixed.
  • Edit Toolbar button dialog box now supports Ctrl+A to select all of the text in an edit box.
  • Fair: The command did not stick closely enough to the tolerance. This has been improved.
  • FilletCorners: A failure bug has been fixed.
  • FilletEdge: Failed in some instances using a bad surface as input.
  • FilletEdge: Handles placed at surface seams could be incorrectly oriented. This is fixed.
  • HideInDetail: Objects hidden with the HideInDetail command incorrectly responded to object snaps in active views. This is fixed.
  • Intersect: Failed on some closed polysurfaces. This is fixed.
  • Intersect: Several failure bugs have been fixed.
  • Layer: Dragging layers with parents and children did not work correctly. This is fixed.
  • MergeFace did not use the default angle tolerance. This is fixed.
  • OffsetNormal: A curve resulting from offsetting the edge of a sphere incorrectly contained a kink at the equator. This is fixed.
  • Open:DWG/DXF: Inserting or Importing dwg or dxf files incorrectly set the linetype scale in rhino to whatever it is in the AutoCAD file. This is fixed.
  • Open:DWG/DXF: Now only lightweight polylines with straight segments are read as polycurves.
  • Open: A crash opening earlier Rhino files with GHS data has been fixed with the HOT FIX release.
  • Osnap:Int: When zoomed out, too many objects could be in the pickbox causing a slowdown. This is fixed.
  • Pipe: When the Thick and Global options were used, the command incorrectly did not make the pipe correctly. This is fixed.
  • Properties: Leader properties for multiline text incorrectly displayed only one line. This is fixed.
  • Render: Alpha channel incorrectly contained transparency information when “transparent background” was not selected. This is fixed.
  • Render: When Rhino did not have focus, the render calculated was wrong. This is fixed.
  • Save:GHS: A crash bug has been fixed.
  • Save:STL: A crash has been fixed.
  • Split: Several failure bugs have been fixed.
  • Splop: A crash when the surface is a block insert has been fixed.
  • Sweep2: Weighted points are respected in any combination if the curves are otherwise also set up for Simple sweeps. Simple Sweeps to rational rails also accurately follow the rails now.
  • SynchronizeViews: The viewport display as set with SynchronizeViews was not saved. This is fixed.
  • Text: Text in a block object did not display properly if the block was rotated to another plane. This is fixed.
  • Toolbars: Rhino flyout toolbars did not work properly with Wacom Intuos tablets. This is fixed.
  • Trim: Several failure bugs have been fixed.
  • Trim: Several failure bugs have been fixed.
  • UnrollSrf: A failure bug with trimmed and flipped surfaces has been fixed.
  • UnrollSrf: Curves could be incorrectly split. This is fixed.
  • ViewportProperties: The wallpaper bitmap was not updating properly after a change to the bitmap file. This is fixed.
  • What: New information added – edge and vertex tolerance.
  • Worksession: The state of child layers was not correctly restored with the worksession file. This is fixed.


source: news.rhino3d.com

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