T-Splines 1.3

New 1.3 stable version is now available. This one is same as 1.3RC2 so if you have it, you don’t need this one too.

Download here

In this release:

Command enhancements:
tsExtrude now allow the sharpness of the top and bottom of the extruded area to be defined.

New T-Splines tab in the Rhino Options page allows the user to change the color used for selection inside T-Splines commands. It also provides an easier way to access information about the installed version of the plugin, as well as options related to NURBS conversion to T-Splines.

The preview faces in tsControlPolygonToSrf and tsSkin now have no interior lines, and a new custom display profile called tsPreview has been created to allow for customization of this display.

tsInsertPoints user interface is now cleaner. The user can set the colors used in this command in tsOptions.

Input curves that are higher than degree 3 are now automatically rebuilt in tsSkin and tsLoft. The user is warned in the command line when this happens.

Surfaces higher than degree 3 are now automatically rebuilt when they are converted to T-Splines. The user it warned in the command line.

Interaction speed for dragging T-Splines control points is improved.

Additional floating license options have been added.

Bug fixes
A fairly rare case of surface cracking has been fixed.

A selection bug that occurred when a T-Spline was copied (reported here: http://www.tsplines.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14168) was fixed.

A crasher was fixed related to clicking too quickly immediately upon entering a command

Previously, T-Splines copied from one file and pasted in another Rhino file lost their T-Spline information and pasted as a polysurface. This bug is now fixed; they now paste as T-Splines.

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  1. Kon says:

    Hey just wanted to point out a quick typo on the page: in the 2nd paragraph under Optimizations I think you meant “..is warned” and not “…it warned”.

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