Update on new tutorials


Ok, like I promised, there is another tutorial waiting to be published. And another one is in the process of making. The first one is about modeling a light bulb. Pretty easy, but then again, all of them are pretty easy. The next one is modeling a remote controller. I have modeled and recorded making the shape and buttons on top. There are couple of tiny details left, but I am also considering expanding this tutorial to battery holder as well. I mean, I might model the inside of the battery holder and batteries itself. This one will also have its part 2, and that would be rendering the remote controller. I have already started making textures in Photoshop for the button text and graphics, as well as battery texture. The bulb tutorial is scheduled to be published on 13th so stay tuned. I’m not sure how long it will take to write remote controller tutorial, or how in depth I will go with it. For screenshots read more.

Here are some of the screenshots of both:

final model
light bulb tutorial
remote controller tutorial
remote controller tutorial

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