VisualARQ WIP5

VisualARQ has a new work in progress version, bringing us some more features and fixes.

You can download here:

New commands:


> New features:

Object 3D generation is now much faster.
Custom grips for wall objects. Now it is easier to extend walls ends and height.
Wall height can be by style.
Wall top extension to surface. It is associative until original surface is delete.

> Fixed bugs:

Buttresses were not correctly calculated in walls with a small angle.
Fixed a crashbug when creating walls from NURB curves.
VA_SlabAdd and VA_SlabSubtract work now with curves that are not in the slab plane.
Column size was not copied when duplicating columns.
Doors and windows cannot be inserted into hidden walls.
Fixed a crashbug when trying to close Rhino when some objects VisualARQ were still
Walls with a NURB path are now drawn with a more correct precission.
Control points use the correct color, as specified in Rhino options.
Fixed a save bug that may produce 3DM with VisualARQ data corrupted.
Some snaps weren’t working for VisualARQ objects.
Fixed VisualARQ objects picking.

> Changes:

Rhino 4.0 SR1 (or higher) is now required.
Expire date is now May 31, 2008. Source:

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