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New tutorial comming up!

Ok, like I promised, I'm in process of writing new tutorial. This one will be about modeling a simple house in Rhino. Hopefully I will...

Site Maintainance

You might experience some visual changes on site in the next couple of hours, I'm in process of uploading new web design. I've already...

ASGvis webinars free!

A variety of Webinars are offered by ASGvis, from tips and tricks on using V-Ray to tech support and sneak peeks at new product features!...

Rhino3D v5 WIP

Finally, a public development has started, and McNeel released first WIP release. Check out whats new and try it out. 64-bit Windows Supported: The 64-bit...

Grasshopper box frame

Here is my first Grasshopper tutorial. Well, actually it is not a tutorial, but just a definition. You can control the x,y,z dimensions of the...
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