Grasshopper3D Vase definition

I have created this Vase definition based on one of my upcoming tutorials. I have created a section of the vase, and started thinking how it would be cool to make this definition and be able to change various radii and heights and that way get completely different vase each time.

Set of various vases created with this definition

So the basics here are, you change the radii of the arcs, and that way you get different vase each time you move the slider. There are couple of problems in this, since I myself am still a beginner in this Grasshopper thing, I don’t know how to constrain sliders to dynamic variables, so you might change a lot, and then the model will break.

Grasshopper display

One more thing to notice here is that some of the sliders are “connected” to other sliders. For instance, the overall height of the vase isn’t adjustable, but the radius of the neck and neck height, plus radius of bottom base (Main radius) actually define overall height. Grasshopper is as flexible as that, it really gives you freedom when making connections between objects. It really is up to you and your imagination.

Vase definition

Before you go crazy thinking you need to recreate this definition in your Grasshopper, do not worry, here is the definition file. Notice, this definition was created using Grasshopper3D WIP version 0.6.0019 and uses some commands that aren’t available in previous versions.,

Hope you create some cool vases with this 😉

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  1. cathryn says:

    working with the vase creation script
    and hoping to use same principles in different forms (all based on circle…would like to do oval if its possible to)
    did you ever record a tutorial of this one?
    i haven’t been able to figure out some of the early logic…
    thanks, cathryn

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