Help modeling air circulator

Lets make air circulator this time. I’ll help you with basics here and we will model one nice model in the end.



Blueprints (required registration, but I think it is worth!)


Again, in this tutorial I have also skipped the blueprints setup.

First, create 3 outline curves in Front viewport with and bridge two upper with one line using polyline (good to have osnap Near option turned on)


Next, split those two bridged curves with that created line (bridge).

Create using outline for the handle section, and offset by 1 inside.


the two curves and split outline curves.

Then, from right viewport, create three lines, and the corners with 1 unit. that curve by 1 unit inside, and you will create another instance of this curve, but this one won’t have filleted corners.


those two curves and trim two newly created surfaces with the curves in Front viewport.


The two curves for handle section need to be positioned on the center of your base surfaces. I’ve done that by first creating the surface with Surface from 3 or 4 Corner Points command (SrfPt) and I positioned that surface on the middle of my model. I’ll use that surface for future centerings (I hide it when not needed).


When you moved those two curves to the center, extrude them according to image below:


Here, I’ve used BothSides option in command. Notice the Top viewport to see the extrusion distance.

the edges of coresponding surfaces, check image below for reference…


Connect blend curves with lines on the mid


Using Network Surface command create surface out of two blend curves and one line.


Do this step for 3 other parts, and join the surfaces. Next, we need to blend the inner and outer surface… I used 0.5 for both sides blend bulge.


In the picture above you can see that I didn’t use blend for connecting the two network surfaces, instead I used Sweep2. Do that 3 more times for other surfaces.

And for the little 3 curved surface corners I used Sweep1:


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3 Responses to “Help modeling air circulator”

  1. rhino says:

    where are the blueprints?

  2. Ivan Vuzem says:

    sorry, forgot to include the link… thanks

  3. Dioniso says:

    Another excelent tutorial. Great job!

    I had some troubles (image50) to fillet the edges of the circulator. I had to do the piece again and again… somehow it worked out.

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