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Learn how to model a bottle



Now, extrude the ellipse. Make it high just enough so it goes outside our “cap” surface:


Now, make two curves like on the image below:


And the two lines like on the image below:


Now, from Front viewport, trim the surfaces with lines.


Now, blend surfaces with blendsrf command.



Now, lets make that grip part. Make a curve in Front viewport (again with ):


And make a 60mm radius circle, and trim it with vertical line. Position it on the middle of the curve we previously made:

domestos_27.jpg domestos_28.jpg

Using sweep1 command sweep that arc along the curve. Do that twice, first selecting the rail curve above section curve (arc) and the second one selecting below section curve. Then merge those two surfaces into one with mergesrf command.

Next, trim the unwanted parts of surfaces:


newly trim surfaces, and fillet the edges with 1mm radius.


Now, make a circle of 6mm radius


that circle 6 more times, 3 up and 3 down, and move them like on the image below. No need of 100% accuracy, we will soon adjust their position:


Extrude those circles (you can use Both Sides extrusion option).


Now, you will have to adjust the x position of those pipes. First, lets see if the first pipe position is ok. Lets trim the pipe with our curvy surface:


Now, here we see that the grip hole is too small. It should be more to the curvy surface edge, so we will move the pipe to the left a little. We’ll do it from Front viewport:


Repeat this process for all pipes if needed. But make sure the grip holes are all pretty much the same distance from the edge:


Now, join those surfaces, and fillet the edges with 2mm radius:



  1. i’m being a total noob here. But the quad option in Osnap doesn’t work for me. It just lets me move the circle and having to eyeball it to fit the shorter line while it should ‘snap’ right?

  2. how can i download the reference files and bitmap files for this tutorial? if i click on the files the photos just open in a window where i am unable to download them from.


  3. when the original sized image opens, you can right click on it and save it. Like any other image delivered to you via web browser. You can also right click on the thumbnails here, and select save target as, or save link as. HTH

  4. you’re not stuck. just go ahead and read the next part…
    You already have two curves and two lines made, and just trim from front viewport your elipse surface and that upper surface. Just like on the image shown.

  5. well, for first timer, you could go through some of the first tutorials 😉 But since you managed to finish it, that tells me that the tutorial is still suited for beginners, even though you had some problems. But in the end, it is all about solving problems.

    Now, for the texture mapping, you must set on your model (or just par of it – join the parts you want) texture mapping to plane. Or even cylindrical.

    Check this tutorial for texture mapping and rendering:

  6. well, I didn’t go through your video, but as I’ve seen you got the part with two diffuse layers right. But, you need two maps for that to work. Using sticker.png image attached in this tutorial you will need to make one diffuse map and one mask map. Diffuse map you already have, just save png file to jpg or bmp, then, for the mask map you need to fill the part where the texture is in black, and outer part needs to be white.
    That way you are telling which part of the texture will be transparent. Black is 0 transparency, white is 100% transparency.

    Now, in your diffuse map in vray, you have two layers, first one will be your bottle color, but in the transparency you need to set the color to black, and put your mask map into m slot.

    The lower layer will be your texture. So, just put your texture to m slot.

    Hope this will help. If not, I’ll record a video.
    and happy learning 😉

  7. I kind of get lost after the sweep command. When I try to trim the new surface, it just doesn’t work. Then, I can get my grip done. Does anyone know what I might’ve been doing wrong?

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