Merry Christmas and Happy New 2010.

I want to wish all of you Merry Christmas & Happy new year! I give you this tutorial which will teach you how to make few holiday decorations for your Christmas tree or similar.

Final scene

Since it that time in the year again, some of you might find it useful to learn how to create few Christmas decorations for your tree visualisations 😉


Well, basically what we will do here is use solids for basic shapes and cut them how we like it.Simple, eh?

Step 1

In this step we will be creating the simplest decoration.

First Decoration

Go ahead, and create a sphere using command. Center it in the origin (0,0) and use 10 units as radius. To make this even simpler, you can set your options like I have them. Just run Grid command, and where it says Extents click on it and input 10. That way you will have 10 units in your grid in every direction in the viewport which was active when you run the command. To apply this setting to all viewports, just use ApplyTo setting in Grid command. Click on it so it toggles from ActiveViewport to AllViewports. Now, simply using Snap option in your status bar we will start creating this Sphere.

image 1

Image 1

Once you got your Sphere, create another one, using 7 units as radius and position its center on 8,0. That is, 8 on the x axis, and 0 on the y axis.

Image 2

Now, using make a hole in the bigger Sphere.

Image 3

We need to fillet the edges of this sphere. Using command fillet the edge with 0.2 as radius.

Image 4

Create a from Top viewport with 5.5 as radius.

Image 5

We will this onto the Sphere. We need to do this from Top viewport. So make sure it is active, and run the command to do the projection of the Circle on the Sphere. You will get 3 projected curves, and we only need the top one, so you can delete other two:

Image 6

Using or command, we need to trim the upper part of the Sphere, with projected circle.

Image 7

Next thing we need is another Circle. This time create a with 1.5 units as radius. Create it from top viewport in the origin (0,0). Then you will need to move it up (from either front or right viewport) with command by 17 units.

Image 8

Now, using extrude this circle up by 1 unit. Make sure you don’t have set to Yes, or BothSides set to Yes. Those two options need to be set to No.

Image 9

Ok, once you’ve done this, you need to make a surface with smooth transition from the sphere to the extruded circle. You will use command to do just that. As for the BlendSrf options, just leave it at default settings. Meaning AutoChain set to No, and for the Bulge leave it as well at default settings, which are 1,1 and all other options unchecked.

Image 10

Next we will create a cap and a little wire to hang our decoration somewhere. So, using offset the little cylinder surface outwards by 0.1 units.

Image 11

Now, using command we will extend the upper edge of the offset surface up by 0.1

Image 12

Using command we will close this surface into solid.

Image 13

Create another Circle, from Top viewport and use 0.5 units as radius. You should get your circle like on the image below:

Image 14

Now, using command set the setting to Yes, and extrude it up by 20 units, just so it goes through the cap:

Image 15

Using command make a hole with this cylinder in the cap:

Image 16

Using fillet the edges of the tip with 0.1 as radius:

Image 17

Create another with 2 units as radius, and position it like on the image below. Just make sure you create your circle from Front viewport. You can start Circle command, input in the command line when it asks you for the center 0,20 for the center, and then just 2 for the radius. You should get exactly the curve like on the image:

Image 18

We need a starting from the circle. Using command we will create such curve from Front viewport: (you can start using OSnap if you haven’t already – Near would come in handy here)

Image 19

Using command we need to mirror this curve to the other side.

Image 20

Using command we need to trim the Circle:

Image 21

I have almost perfectly hit the curve direction and smoothness and actually the curve is visually tangent to the circle. In reality that isn’t the case, so we need to fix it. We will match our curve onto the circle with command:

Image 22

Here you can see the black curve on the left, this is how the curve will be adjusted to match the tangency. So, now you see I didn’t actually hit the tangency manually. Do this same step for the right curve as well, and join all three into one:

Image 23

If necessary, using you can change your curve a bit. But you will see if this is necessary after you make a surface. Using command we need to create a pipe surface. Use 0.2 as radius:

Image 24

Here you see this needs some adjustments. So, first, try moving it up a bit to see if this can fix it. If not, using you will need to adjust the curve itself.

Image 25

For the purposes of this course, just moving this wire will do.

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  1. Sahar says:

    Thanks! This is awesome! Do you know how I can make a sphere that has defined sections? For example one that is cut into quarters or thirds? And for each section to have a different color? Should I make three spheres, cut them, and then assemble them, or is there a way for me to do that with a single sphere?


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