Merry Christmas and Happy New 2010.


Second Decoration

Ok, in this step we will be creating another decoration. This way you can actually try any of the shapes your solids offer you. So, using command we will create an ellipsoid starting from Top viewport and setting its two radii to 10 units and the third one to 7 units (just follow the grid to make it easier)

Image 26

Create one more Ellipsoid, and make its first two radii 7 units, and for the third one put 5 units as radius:

Image 27

Now, move the smaller ellipsoid right by 8 units having it positioned like on the image below:

Image 28

Using command mirror it along the y axis to the left:

Image 29

Using command make holes in the bigger ellipsoid:

Image 30

Now, using fillet the two edges with 0.2 units as radii:

Image 31

With command we will create another circle from top viewport. This one will have 5.5 units radius:

Image 32

Using command like in the Step 1 we will project this circle onto our object:

Image 33

Again, using or command make a hole on top of the object:

Image 34

From previous step or rather decoration, recreate the wire part, or better yet, copy it:

Image 35

Again, using command make a blend surface between the cylinder and our decoration object:

Image 36

If the wire surface goes through this blend sruface, just using command create a box that will go through both ends of the wire and using BooleanDifference “cut” it.

Image 38

Image 38

Image 37

Now, you can copy other part of the tip from the first decoration:

Image 38

Create a with 1 unit radius, position it like on the image below:

Image 39

We need one circle now. Go ahead and create a Circle with 3 units as radius. Make its center in the origin, and create it in Top viewport:

Image 40

Now we need to Project it onto the object, and use lower projected circle to Trim, or Split the object:

Image 41

Now we need to cut the little sphere so we can make a blend. Using PolyLine we will create a line that goes through the half of Sphere and move it down by 0.2 units.Create it from Front viewport:

Image 42

Using Trim, we will trim the upper part of the Sphere. To make this work, do the trimming from Front viewport:

Image 43

Now, using BlendSrf we will blend these two:

Image 44

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  1. Sahar says:

    Thanks! This is awesome! Do you know how I can make a sphere that has defined sections? For example one that is cut into quarters or thirds? And for each section to have a different color? Should I make three spheres, cut them, and then assemble them, or is there a way for me to do that with a single sphere?


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