Merry Christmas and Happy New 2010.

Step 3

In this step we are creating the third decoration. This one is pretty easy as well.

Third Decoration

So, first lets start with one help line. Using command’s option BothSides we will create a line from origin (0,0) 17 units long in each direction making it 34 units long in total. But you will need to input 17.

Image 45

Now, using command we will create a curve from both ends of this line, and 5units high on the y axis: (you might want to turn on the End OSnap option)

Image 46

Now, using command we will create a surface out of this curve:

Image 47

Next we need to create holes in this surface. We will do this by creating another and this time we will start creating it from the Top viewport as well, and make its first two dimensions 7 units long,and for the third one we will use 5 units.

Image 48

it down from top viewport by 8 units, and it using command over x axis:

Image 49

Using make holes:

Image 50

Fillet the two edges with command and use 0.2 units as radius:

Image 51

Now, using command we need to rotate our object 90 degrees and copy our wire tip again from previous decoration models:

Image 52

Simply move either wire or object so it looks like on the image below:

Image 53

Using command, we will create a box which we will be using to cut the tip of the decoration object. For the cutting we will be using BooleanDifference command:

Image 54

Image 55

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  1. Sahar says:

    Thanks! This is awesome! Do you know how I can make a sphere that has defined sections? For example one that is cut into quarters or thirds? And for each section to have a different color? Should I make three spheres, cut them, and then assemble them, or is there a way for me to do that with a single sphere?


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