Merry Christmas and Happy New 2010.

Step 4

In this step we’re creating this fourth decoration which is pretty simple as well, like all are, but this one is similar if not the same as the first one.

Fourth Decoration

We’ll start this one with a , oh what a shock, so start creating it and make its radius 10 units and position it in the origin. Just like other decorations.

Image 56

Create another Sphere, and make this one’s radius 7 units.

Image 57

this smaller Sphere right for 8 units, and it over y axis:

Image 58

Now, you’ve guessed it, using make holes.

Image 59

And again, you can guess the next step, using we will fillet the two edges with 0.2 as radius:

Image 60

Now, we need that wire top part from one of the previous objects. Just using command copy it:

Image 61

We will now use Move command to move this wire part down

Image 62

We need to create one last from Top viewport, and make it 1.5 units in radius:

Image 63

Again, we need to this Circle onto our Sphere. We only need the top projected curve, so you can all other after projection:

Image 64

Then, using or command cut the top of the sphere:

Image 65

Using command extrude this edge up by 1 unit: (make sure you set option to NO)

Image 66

Using command, join two surfaces, and with FilletEdge command we will fillet the edge with 0.3 units as radius:

Image 68

This is it!

You should have ended up with this:

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  1. Sahar says:

    Thanks! This is awesome! Do you know how I can make a sphere that has defined sections? For example one that is cut into quarters or thirds? And for each section to have a different color? Should I make three spheres, cut them, and then assemble them, or is there a way for me to do that with a single sphere?


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