Modeling car rim

Just another car rim tutorial, after which will follow tire thread tutorial and hopefully brake disc.


Yeah, yeah, I know. You must be thinking “Another rim tutorial”. Well, first of all, I’m pretty sure you will learn even one new command in this tutorial.



Video tutorial  for modeling car rim.


Insert the first reference image into the background of your Right Viewport. I made it 50 grids wide. You can set the background image to be in color, and remove grid with grid command. Using polyline (or just line) command, make simple straight lines according to the background image.


the parts that aren’t needed, and fillet the intersections with the radius of 2. And offset by 0.4 inside.


After you made a profile for the rim, insert second reference image and using scale background image and move background image commands, position it so it somehow fits your profile curve.


Using Curve: Interpolate points command, create another profile… like on the image below. You can create one polyline in the middle of the rim.


off the parts of curves you don’t need, and on the inner side of your spoke, fillet the straight line and curve with 2.


NOTE: at this point, I have rotated my curves from front view by 90 degree and positioned so the far right end of curve is in origin (0,0)

Using Remove Knot command, remove selected knots. So you end up with uninterrupted curve, so when you try to explode it, it says this: “Cannot explode single curve segments.”


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9 Responses to “Modeling car rim”

  1. dillon says:

    I would really love to see some good tutorials on rendering. Im having a hard time finding good websites for rending tutorials.

  2. Ivan Vuzem says:

    yes, at this point there is no rendering tutorial on this site, but I hope to change that very soon. Thanks

  3. Jack Mc Kie says:

    Interesting method! How do you get the background image??? This would be useful to me!



  4. Toxa says:

    Good job on tutorials, really helpful thanks!
    A few nit-picks:
    1. The video quality, really tough to see the lines, and text, and pretty much anything 🙂
    2. The “screws” on the rim, are actually called lug nuts (at the very least bolts), and there are no bolts/nuts with 5 sides! Maybe on Mars. There are always 6 sides. That’s just too funny.

    Again, thanks a great deal on the tuts!

  5. Vankata says:

    Very nice tutorial, very well explained. Thank you

  6. Dioniso says:

    It’s an interesting and fast modelling solution. Great tutorial!

  7. mehdi says:

    it is very good design

  8. pontif says:

    very good tutorial.

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