Modeling car rim


Using revolve command, revolve two curves, around the 3rd one, line, as revolve axis… Like on the image below:


You’ll end up with this…


From the top view, make a triangle using polyline, like on the picture below. You can turn off Osnap, it will be easier.


the sharpest angle with 2, and using Remove Knots, make that triangle one curve.


Using command, array that triangle 5 times around the origin (that is, if you positioned the center of your object in the origin).


Using srfseam command, reposition the seam on both surfaces, so it is on the spoke… That means, it needs to be in between any two triangles. those two surfaces with trim command using triangles.


Using polyline, connect edges of two trimmed surfaces. Refer to image below:


Do so for all 5 spokes.

Using sweep2 command, as rails select two edges of two surfaces (1 and 2 on image below), and as cross section curves, select two lines (3,4 on image)


Do this for all 5 sections, and join surfaces.

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9 Responses to “Modeling car rim”

  1. dillon says:

    I would really love to see some good tutorials on rendering. Im having a hard time finding good websites for rending tutorials.

  2. Ivan Vuzem says:

    yes, at this point there is no rendering tutorial on this site, but I hope to change that very soon. Thanks

  3. Jack Mc Kie says:

    Interesting method! How do you get the background image??? This would be useful to me!



  4. Toxa says:

    Good job on tutorials, really helpful thanks!
    A few nit-picks:
    1. The video quality, really tough to see the lines, and text, and pretty much anything 🙂
    2. The “screws” on the rim, are actually called lug nuts (at the very least bolts), and there are no bolts/nuts with 5 sides! Maybe on Mars. There are always 6 sides. That’s just too funny.

    Again, thanks a great deal on the tuts!

  5. Vankata says:

    Very nice tutorial, very well explained. Thank you

  6. Dioniso says:

    It’s an interesting and fast modelling solution. Great tutorial!

  7. mehdi says:

    it is very good design

  8. pontif says:

    very good tutorial.

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